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Fall Baby Announcements

Fall is a wonderful season, with meaningful holidays and celebrations, along with delicious food and cute decoration. If you are lucky enough to have a fall baby, you should not doubt choosing a fall theme for your baby birth announcement. Colors like orange, burgundy, brown, yellow, and ivory are ideal. And elements such as pumpkins, leaves, and turkeys can complement your design. 

Browse through the many options Paperlust offers for your fall baby announcements, and keep in mind you can personalize any of them and even change elements, colors, or font style. In addition, you can upload your favorite photo and let friends and family know how cute your little pumpkin is. 

To customize one of our current designs, all you need to do is add a special request during the editing process. Our editing tool allows you to incorporate details like the name of your baby, a cute phrase, time, and date of birth. You can also move and resize elements and change the font. But if you wish to change the design colors or shapes, a special request must be submitted.