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Creative baby announcements

Announcing to the whole world that you’ve added a whole new person to your family is such a fun part of having a baby. Many families enjoy choosing creative baby announcements that are a perfect reflection of their family or their own sense of humour to mark the occasion. So what makes for creative baby announcements? The answer could lie in the design, the photo you choose (if you include a photo, which is often a good idea!) or in the wording you use. 

Creative baby announcements come in all sorts of styles, whether you’re looking for something gender neutral or perfect for your baby boy or little girl. Some of the most popular styles include floral baby announcements, watercolour baby announcements and typographic baby announcements, but your options are basically endless. 

Many people choose a cute theme or design motif as part of their birth announcement. Some of the most popular design motifs to include on baby announcements are animals, toys and baby products (bottles, bibs, onesies etc,.), space, under the sea, and similar themes. Some people also like to theme their announcement around a particular pattern (stripes, polka dots, gingham, chevron, etc.) or colour. Pink and blue are obviously the most popular colours, but there’s no rule that says you have to stick to these! 

Your choice of print type can also contribute to making creative baby announcements. Most people opt for simple ink on paper or a design printed themselves on thin, glossy photo paper. The use of something like print on wood or metallic ink will automatically show your creativity and stand out on people’s fridges for months and years to come. 

If you choose to include a photo of your baby, you can add some creativity in the image and keep the design more simple. This might be as simple as photographing the baby with some of their favourite toys or some of your favourite things. You might have the baby asleep in a pile of books, resting in a baseball glove, wrapped in a scarf of your favourite sports team, or something similar. Some people also like to take a photo of the baby with props like a ruler, a clock and a calendar along with notes of the baby’s length, time and date of birth. This can be a really fun way of communicating the facts in a creative way.