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Clever Baby Announcements

For couples who have a sharp sense of humor, regular baby birth announcements might seem too dull. That is why Paperlust offers clever baby announcements; our selection includes cute and funny ways to let your friends and family, your baby has arrived. Here you will find a design with the cover of a newspaper announcing the big news. 

You can customize our designs by uploading a photo of your baby, and with our editing tool, you can add your baby's name, date and time of birth, weight, and length. Along with a funny quote like "Behold the most beautiful baby on earth" or "parents lose their minds after holding their gorgeous little one for the first time." 

Order your clever baby birth announcements soon after your baby is born, so you do not keep everyone waiting on a cute keepsake. Anything from one month up to six months is acceptable according to birth announcements etiquette.