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Classic Birth Announcement

Classic birth announcement cards are timeless, those who will receive them can save them as a keepsake, and they will look beautiful even decades from now. Classic birth announcements are simple and elegant with neutral colors and small design elements. They usually feature a large photo of the newborn and an elegant font to describe important details such as: 

  • Name of the baby. 

  • Date and time of birth. 

  • Name of the parents. 

Some of the phrases you can include are: 

  • We are overjoyed with the arrival of our baby. 

  • The _______ family is delighted with the arrival of baby _____.

  • We welcome with love, baby ______. 

Paperlust has many classic designs for you; choose one and personalize the wording, print type, paper, and even change details from an existing design to make it your own by simply adding a special request. 

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